Baltic Radio Club – PET SHOP BOYS DISCO 2024

Baltic Radio Club – PET SHOP BOYS DISCO 2024
Baltic Radio Dance Mix

Samstag, 04.05.2024 21-22 Uhr / Saturday 09-10 pm CEST / 03-04 pm EDT

Der Non-Stop Mix enthält neue Titel der LP Nonetheless, aktuelle B-Sides und Klassiker der letzten 40 Jahre, Chill Sounds wie „We All Feel Better in the Dark“ und natürlich den Klassiker West End Girls in der Shep Pettibone Version. Der Non-Stop Mix ist nur im laufen Programm verfügbar.

Exclusive Baltic Radio 1st Non-Stop Dance Mix with Music by the Pet Shop Boys. Enjoy …

Just Intro; Please (1986)
Sense of Time
B-Side; Dancing Star (03.04.2024)
Dancing Star
About the ballet star Rudolf Nureyev; Nonetheless (2024)
In The Night
B-Side of the Boys‘ first Parlophone single; Opportunities (1985)
Paninaro (Julian Mendelsohn Version)
B-Side; Suburbia (1986)
Did you see me coming? (Possibly More Mix)
Yes (2017)
I don’t know what you want but I can’t give it anymore (PSB Extension Mix)
Nightlife (1999)
We all feel better in the Dark (7″, Ambient Mix)
Disco 2 (1990)
Jealousy (Extended Version)
Behaviour (1990)
I will fall
Lost, EP (2023)
Heart (Dance Mix)
Actually (1987)
Two Devided by Zero
Please (1986)
I Want to Wake up (Breakdown Mix)
Actually (1987)
Vocal (Vinyl Release)
Electric (2013)
Discoteca (Extended Mix)
Bilingual (1996)
West End Girls (Shep Pettibone)
Please (1986)
Mixed by: Baltic Radio, Dance Mix I (2024)

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